Our History

McMinnville Montessori School was founded by two families, the Moores and the Roberts, as a single, primary-age classroom in the fall of 1983. Both families were bound together by the desire for their children to have the benefits of a Montessori education.

In 1985, ownership and operation of the school was transferred from the Moores and the Roberts to McMinnville Montessori School, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. The organization was a parent membership with a parent Board of Directors. In 1994, the school purchased the building at its present site. In 1995, members of the larger community were invited to join the board, and many changes began to take place. The school hired a full-time director in 1996, and in 1997 the building was remodeled and an elementary classroom was added to the program. In 1998, the school became a non-member organization, administered by the Director and overseen by the Board.


We decided to send our child to McMinnville Montessori School because of our family’s long history with the school. …we came for the legacy but stayed for the experience. One year in and our child is already excited about progressing into the elementary class where they get to do “even harder” work.
— Talina & Megan Corvus