Community Night, Parent Reps & Fundraising

News & Events

Dates to Remember:

  • September 7: Community Night, 5:30- 7pm
  • September 15th: Back to School Potluck at Ed Grenfall Park, 5:30-8pm.
  • September 29th: no school for In-service Day

Here are the picnic potluck details: If you have a last name from:
A-E: main dish
F-J: fruit/ vegetables
K-O: beverages
P-T: salads
U-Z: plates/cups/cutlery/napkins

We are off to an exciting new school year. A big shout out to the Smith family in the Forest Room who painted our foyer/ hallway for us. Thank you to all the families who have fulfilled wish lists that the guides created. We can't thank you enough for the love and the support you have shown towards our school, and this is just the beginning. Yay! there will be a lot more opportunities to come.

We are very excited to launch our new school logo. The beads are the 10 bead bar. It is a piece of material that is used in the primary and elementary classroom. Each bead also represents all of you. It takes every bead to create a community, and we are so lucky that we have an amazing supportive collective community to serve the needs of our children.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We need help transporting an old door and a cabinet to Restore around the corner. Let me know if you have a flatbed truck and can take these items from the school. You will get SOS hours.

Our exterior doors look beat up and we would love to have those painted. Maybe a few families together? Many hands make light work.

Parent Representatives:

This year we will have a Parent Rep for each classroom. We are a village with many parts and their role in each classroom will serve to support the teacher and McMinnville Montessori in many ways!

In addition to taking care of details for events, appreciation and celebrations, the role of a parent representative serves as a model for families. They provide a channel of communication between the teacher, the other families in the class and the Head of School. Parent reps are a vital source of information for new families and old and as support for our McMinnville community.

Forest Room: Sean Williams (Sybil's dad)
Garden Room: Dan Cuppett (Elliot and Sebastian's dad)
Elementary Room: Jamie Davis (Finn's mom)


Montessori 101

How to Help Your Child to be Successful in Montessori (and Life) – Unfolding Education


Fundraising News

New Families:
Oregon Bottle Drop, which I mentioned during orientation, is a low investment and easy way to contribute to our on-going fundraising efforts. You ask me for a blue bag to fill it up with cans and glass bottles, bring it back to school and I drop it off in Tigard. Last year we earned $420!