Back to School Potluck & Volunteer Opportunities

News & Events

Dates to Remember:

  • September 15th: Back to School Potluck at Ed Grenfall Park, 5:30-8pm.
  • September 27th: Fundraising Meeting, 5:30-6:30
  • September 29th: No school for In-service Day

Here are the picnic potluck details: If you have a last name from:
A-E: main dish
F-J: fruit/ vegetables
K-O: beverages
P-T: salads
U-Z: plates/cups/cutlery/napkins

We are still looking for volunteers to take the door and cabinet to Restore around the corner. If you have a flatbed truck, and are willing to take this task on, please email me and let me know.

There are painting opportunities in the Forest Room and Garden Room.

Melanie (Graham's mom) from the Meadow Room will be coming on Saturday to paint some doors. If any of you are available, please come out and join her. They are a new family and will be officially joining our school in January. Thank you in advance! Her email is if you would like to reach out and coordinate a time.

We are also looking for one or two people who could possibly go through old files and compile an alumni list. Please email me for more details.

Hopefully, you all have received a welcome email from your child's class room parent.
Meadow Room: Jamie Davis jamiedavis423(at)
Forest Room: Sean Williams seanwilliams1(at)
Garden Room: Dan Cuppett phylo74(at)

We are going to kick off a fundraising meeting and will be looking for a lead coordinator. I hope many of you will be able to come to this meeting and share ideas. I will share with you the most success we had with the various endeavors last year.


Montessori 101

Parenting with grace can be a challenge at times. Thankfully, we can look to lessons learned from Montessori teacher training to support us at home.

Lessons From Montessori: Preparing Ourselves with Grace