T-shirt Orders, Checks due and Winemaker’s Dinner Information

News & Events

Gentle Reminder: Tuition checks are due.

We need help with the elementary bathroom door. The hinges either need to be replaced or fixed. Please email me if you are available for that project.

Big shout out to Cindra and Paul for taking care of recycling, latches and the gutters.

Exciting News! The school will purchase one t-shirt for each child and the staff. You all have till October 20th to make your purchases. Let's get them in so we can wear them for spirit days on Fridays! Woohoo!! Thank you, all!

Fundraising News

WINEMAKER’S DINNER: Thank you to those who have already stepped up to help; a few more volunteers are still needed, so if you can come to the kickoff meeting on October 11 from 6pm – 7pm at The Grain Station Brew Works, we would be very grateful. 

This is our biggest fundraising event of the year and a great way to satisfy your SOS hours. We realize there are many families in the thick of harvest at the moment, and you may not have time to spare for now. Please know that we understand and if you would like to help after your crazy time has passed… we welcome you! Just give Nora Martin (marty97128@gmail.com) or Renee Crank (reneecrank@gmail.com) a heads up and they will make sure to include you on any correspondence until you have time.