Fundraising Kick-Off, Gentle Reminders and Bottle Drop

News & Events

September 27th: Fundraiser Kickoff Meeting 5:30-6:30pm
September 29th: In-service No school
October 13th: In-service No school
October 19th: Parent Education Night 5:30-7pm

Big shout out to Graham's family and Lucas's family for painting our external doors. We are very excited to have a cover for the concrete patio outside The Forest Room. That space will be used as an extension of the classroom. 

A fun opportunity:
A free, private Yoga Party for Montessori Moms.
When: September 29 6:45- 8:00pm
Where: The Studio, 206 NE Evans in McMinnville
Limited Space: Text Emily Diesburg @ 319.331.8785 to sign up.

Gentle Reminders:
Please send the school an email if your child is not enrolled in after care, but you need support. We are happy to be accommodating when possible but we need to be sure we are in staff/ child ratio compliance. Please send me a note in writing so I can let the team members be aware of the children that will be in their care. Thank you, all.

Please mark your calendars for our first Parent Education Night.
The Forest Room: Progression of Literacy
The Garden Room: The Role of the Adult
The Meadow Room: Fractions

It's going to be exciting!!

Montessori 101

Put Aside Those Toys: Your Kids Want the Real Deal


Fundraising News

Blue bags will be available again next week. Thank you all so much for supporting our Oregon Bottle Drop fundraising endeavor.