Immunization Data

Per Senate Bill 895, we are required to post immunization records for each individual vaccine required by state law, as well as inform families twice a year. Below are our current immunization statistics.


How many kids at McMinnville Montessori are vaccinated?*


Number of children at the school**: 36
Percent of children with no immunization or exemption record: 0%
Percent of children with a medical exemption for one or more vaccine(s): 0%

* Not all immunizations are required for all grades. These numbers may not total 100% if some children have medical exemptions, or are incomplete or in process with immunizations but do not need an exemption because they are on schedule.
**There is/are also 0 child(ren) enrolled for whom immunizations are not required to be reported because their records are tracked by another site or they attend fewer than 5 days per year.
**There is/are also 0 child(ren) 18 months of age or younger who are not required to be finished with their pre-school vaccines because of their age.

March 2017